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Linking the economic vision of the government with the defence manufacturing, he said armed forces will be crucial to the success of Make in India mission."Addressing the top defence officials at the annual Combined Commanders’ Conference on board INS Vikramaditya in Kochi, the Prime Minister said India will test Pakistan’s intentions to define the path ahead."We want to see clear targets and goals on domestic acquisition, more clarity on specifications and greater involvement of our forces in innovation, design and development, especially from those who wield the weapons in the field," the Prime Minister told the commanders in the one-hour speech. "We see terrorism and ceasefire violations, reckless nuclear build-up and threats, border transgressions and, continuing military modernisation and expansion," he said. "The shadow of West Asian instability is becoming longer.Hinting at an expanded role for the Indian military, the Prime Minister told the commanders that their responsibilities are no longer confined to the borders and coastlines. "We are advancing the pace of expansion of border infrastructure and improve the mobility of our forces and equipment."The Prime Minister pointed out that India has a difficult neighbourhood with the full spectrum of security challenges. Dhowan, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief marshal Arup Raha, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and principal staff officers, the steps his China air connector for sale government has been taking to improve relations with the neighbouring countries.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday strongly defended the peace initiatives his government has launched with Pakistan and said India is engaging its neighbor "to try and turn the course of history, bring an end to terrorism, build peaceful relations, advance cooperation and promote stability and prosperity in our region."Pointing at the increasing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean, the Prime Minister said major powers have also increased their engagement "in our land and maritime neighbourhood. "

They extend to our interests and citizens, spread across a world of widespread and unpredictable risks," Mr Modi said. With China, "we will aim to address outstanding issues, maintain stability on the border, and develop greater mutual understanding and trust in our overlapping neighbourhood," he said. This includes the strategic railways to the border region," he said.The PM also referred to the good relations India has with Russia, China and the United States. He also talked about the strengthening of the domestic military preparedness.K. "We will continue to judge the progress on their commitments on terrorism."There are many challenges and barriers on the path, Mr Modi said, adding "the effort is worth it, because the peace dividends are huge and the future of our children is at stake.

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